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Home Improvements with the Highest Return on Investment

Whether you are planning to list your home soon or simply considering what home projects to do next, it is important to know which ones will add the most value to your home. If you want to take advantage of this low inventory market by listing, let’s talk sooner than later about your plans! In the meantime, these improvements could add up to a better offer on your home. Attic Insulation – While it may be surprising that such a simple project can add so much value, additional home insulation, especially in the attic, has one of the highest returns on investment. Increasing your insulation can give over a 100% return without being an expensive or time-consuming project. Garage Door – Replacing your garage door is another item that is high on the list of desired home renovations. According to Renovation Magazine, home sellers recoup 84% of the investment of replacing a garage door. A whiter, cleaner door will help with curb appeal or give a more modern look. Landscaping – Curb appeal is vital to making a great first impression on prospective homebuyers. Home landscape upgrades can offer sellers over 100% returns on their investments. A lawn service, fresh mulch, planted flowers and clean edges will all help to wow buyers. Minor Kitchen and Bathroom Upgrades – Kitchen and bathroom upgrades that include cabinets and updated finishes are sometimes all that is needed to impress sellers and regain some of the original investment. Alternatively, a complete kitchen and bathroom remodel can often be costly and may not be the style that homebuyers prefer, resulting in possible money lost. Additions – Another way to boost the value of your home is by increasing square footage. This could come in the form of an addition or completing an unfinished space such as the basement. Sellers can expect to regain a large portion on their investment of with a home addition. To learn even more about renovations with the highest return on investment, click here. If selling your current home and purchasing a new home are something that you are interested doing, let’s discuss your financing options. Call me today! 

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