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Mortgage and Real Estate News : Special Edition  02.02.18

Who's the coolest girl in the mortgage industry?

Lillian Wong

Lillian Wong ~ NMLS 630337

Lillian Wong of course!  

And who is Lillian Wong?

Lillian Wong, a Senior Mortgage Advisor at NEXA Mortgage, has worked in the mortgage business for over 28 years in both California and Arizona, and her experience shows by being a multi-million dollar producer in mainly purchase business.

In a recent customer survey the office conducted, Lillian received some of the most positive feedback of anyone in her office.  As she explains, “I set clear goals for myself, and I plan to increase my numbers every month while still keeping all my customers satisfied.” 


One reason for Lillian’s success is her familiarity with every element of the loan process.  Over the course of her career, she has worked in underwriting, processing, funding, and auditing of all loan types.  She joined Bank of America Home Loans through its acquisition of Countrywide Home loans for a combined ten years.  She had also worked for Great Southwest Mortgage in early 2006 for a year where she excelled in the correspondent and wholesale lending environment.   She continued to work in a variety of areas, getting her greatest fulfillment as a Senior Mortgage Loan Officer.  Her knowledge of the operations-side enables her to give buyers a thorough explanation of the process, giving them a feel for what to expect. 


“If I am going to sell something, I want to know exactly what it is that I am selling, and my experience allows me to do that,” she shares.  And she continues, “I find that customers really appreciate it when I explain the details.”  She also knows what questions to ask and can give quick pre-approvals.  Lillian stresses that personal attention to customers is critical to her success, and she prides herself on being able to give all her customers quick status updates and rapid closing times.  Her all-time record closing is 23 hours!


Lillian’s favorite aspect of being a Senior Mortgage Loan Officer is the satisfaction she feels from truly helping people achieve their goals.  “I am always delighted to hear from people who enjoyed working with me.”  She emphasizes that her standard process is to speak with customers in-depth at the initial meeting.  They easily share their short-term needs, but Lillian asks them about their long-term goals as well, so she can be sure she is setting them up for success in the big picture.  She also enjoys getting innovative in meeting customers requirements.  As she explains “Lots of people don’t fit inside the box of this or that product.  I partner with them to think creatively about their unique needs.”


Lillian applies her drive and enthusiasm to her personal life as well. She  also loves computers and technology where she creates design layouts of websites. Lillian is an active volunteer.  She is a member of the Arizona Asian American Association and the Asian Real Estate Association of America.  As a former Miss Chinatown USA finalist, it’s important to her to “help the Asian voice be heard in the community.”  She volunteers within the industry, as well as for the Paradise Valley Luxury Home Tour, coordinating and maintaining tour comments and statistics from REALTORS®.  She is also a member of the Scottsdale Area Association of REALTORS® and their leadership program.  In addition, she is also a community blogger.


Lillian’s style has led her volume to increase by leaps and bounds; much of it is repeat business and referrals.  With her team of professionals, Lillian emphasizes “We will provide you with the exceptional customer service that you deserve.”  Her tips for ensuring success?  “Have your priorities straight.  In this business, it’s easy to get sidetracked from what your true goals are.”  She prides herself on doing it right the first time for her clients and always delivering on her commitments.  Lillian sums up her approach to her work like this, “I build my business around integrity and passion.”  Judging by her eager involvement with customers and various organizations and by her mounting success, Lillian Wong’s formula is working well for her.

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